Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The things people say

I try to get a memorable quote out of every soccer tournament or game. Mostly from the coaches, often from the parents, sometimes form the kids, and even myself from time-to-time. I’ll share a few of those with you here even though out of context they might not be as funny, they still send me into giggles whenever I think of them. Nothing like a funny voice to cut the tension at a high-stakes game.

Picture a rainy day, thick grass field a mess of mud, the opposing team has a coach with a British accent and a voice that seems to carry very well in the fog: “Yo-haaan—what are you doooing? You’ve got to cover for Oliver!”

Picture an agitated, rather small French-Canadian coach yelling in full volume: “Luka!! Qu’est-qu tu fait?!??!”

Picture an oversized goalie on a U12 boys team still with his high-pitched boys voice, every time the ball came his way: “I GOT it! I GOT it!” whether there was another defender approaching or not. Kudos to him for communicating with his team half way up the field.

And at the last tournament we were at in NJ an incredibly deep-voiced dad with a thick, snarly accent: “Yoo—uuuri! What are you doooing?!!”

And my own quote which has come to haunt me: “Now look what you’ve done!” Luckily, it can be used in a positive way as well….